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Kathleen W. Shack, M.S., LMFT
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Pre-Marital Counseling

Wedding Hands

I thoroughly enjoy pre-marital counseling and focus on helping couples build a strong foundation of communication, honesty, realistic expectations, and definition of the couple's boundaries. We look at family of origin for each partner to help them understand what life experiences they are bringing to the marriage and how their individual journey will incorporate into a healthy long term relationship. I look to each couple for an understanding of what is most important to them as they are building their life together and customize their pre-marital counseling accordingly. Local clergy depend on my counseling to complement the pre-marital asessments they do with couples prior to wedding dates. Upon completion of at least 6 sessions of premarital counseling with me, couples qualify for a discount on their marriage license in the state of Georgia.

One of the programs I use with pre-marital couples is the Prepare/Enrich Program by David Olson, Ph.D. You can read more about his program and inventories at This is a program based on a set of five inventories that examine major relationship issues a couple may experience. These inventories must be administered by a trained Prepare/Enrich Counselor and include 4-6 feedback sessions in which the counselor facilitates discussion between the couple based on their inventory results. There are six goals of the Program. In order to achieve these goals there are also six corresponding couple exercises designed to help couples improve their relationship skills. The six goals are: to explore Relationship Strengths and Growth Areas; to learn Assertiveness and Active Listening Skills; to learn how to resolve conflict using the Ten Step Model; to help the couple discuss their Family-of-Origin; to help the couple with financial planning and budgeting; and to focus on personal, couple and family goals.

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