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Kathleen W. Shack, M.S., LMFT
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Thank you for taking the time to peruse my website. Among the pages you will learn more about my background, specialty areas, as well as Marriage and Family Therapy.

My specialty is  guiding and counseling  couples and families through their life journey. Whether you are a new couple looking for tools to build a solid foundation or a couple in crisis looking for a life raft, I am here for you. If you and your children are transitioning through divorce or are a newly blended family, I help family members heal while finding balance and harmony within the new family structure.

Couples counseling is one area of my specialty. I work with couples to help them understand how one another's perspectives, beliefs and life history play roles in the current relationship and assist them in finding a balance that creates harmony. I have many years of experience working with new couples, blended families and couples who have been together for over 20 years who are seeking assistance.

With children, play therapy is used to help them resolve issues on their level. Families play an important role in children's healing processes. The interaction between children's problems and their families is always complex. Sometimes children develop problems as a way of signaling that there is something wrong in the family. Other times the entire family becomes distressed because the child's problems are so disruptive. In all cases, children and families heal faster when they work together.

I am a Divorce Coach and Child Specialist in the Collaborative Divorce process as well as in traditionally litigated cases. A Divorce coach is a skilled, licensed mental health professional trained to manage a wide variety of emotions and issues that arise during divorce. Divorce is both an ending and a beginning. I help you anticipate and include your need to move forward, and make the future of your children a top priority. In a respectful, dignified process, I support your family's goals for a smoother transition to the next stage of your lives.

As a Child Specialist, I provide insight into how your child is coping with divorce and offer options for parenting time and other logistics in your child's best interest. I can act as a spokesperson for younger children or help older children articulate their feelings/wishes directly to you, divorce coaches, and/or attorneys. Helping you focus on the child's needs is critical. I can work with parents to shift their thinking from "my time" with the child to the "child's time", so both parents understand that the child's needs are most essential. I also help parents shift away from financial issues with regard to the children, and focus on their developmental needs instead. I help design an age appropriate Parenting Plan that specifically addresses the defined needs of your child as he/she goes through the restructuring of the family.

Divorce Mediation is a way to settle your divorce on your terms without fighting in court. Divorce is a sensitive personal matter. Mediation saves time, money and stress by allowing spouses to resolve custody, parenting time, child support, property and debt disputes quickly and confidentially. Through mediation, I help couples find solutions that work better for their family than what a judge might order. Mediation agreements address concerns unique to each family, while both husband and wife are more likely to get what they want.

After reviewing the website, if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact me by email or phone  at 678-220-0090. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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